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Top 5 Reason to join Century 21

  1. Best Lead Gen Resources
    • C-21 Provides you with hands on workshops on a weekly basis to ensure you receive the experience and mentorship you need to be successful
    • Develop a specialized business plan
  2. New Agent Training/High Potential broker workshops
    • A) You will learn Contracts in depth/ How to have a winning mindset to build your confidence / Learn the entire process from A-Z in your first transaction and much more!
    • Business Marketing tool kit at the tip of your fingers (CRM,Website,Signs)
  3. C21 Tools & Resources
    • Century 21 is the largest most recognized in the world since 1971
    • With C21 system you will have your own CRM, & your own personal Website, at no extra cost.
    • Access to University21 online
  4. Support Team
    • Designated broker/ Lead Trainer/ Office Admin/ Relations Manager and Technology manager here to support you 24/7
    • Systems and Process in place for all your Real Estate business needs
  5. 2 office locations (Bellevue & Mountlake Terrace)
    • Personal desks, printers, faxes and conference rooms for your convenience