Joska Borbely - Marketing & Creative Specialist


2700 Richards Road, Suite 204 | Bellevue, WA 98005

Joska (Yo•shka) is an experienced content creator. From graphic design to video production. Joska has developed his skills to fit every aspect of the creative marketing world. He loves working with people and lives for the creative process. With a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, his freelancing career has taken priority and now he is the go to guy for anything media and content related. Over the years Joska has worked with a number of real estate firms, brokers, and agents.

He spent the last couple years as chief photographer and studio manager at an ad agency in Nashville, TN. Leading the studio in product photography and videography. He has a passion for animals and wildlife conservation, as he is also a wildlife photographer. Unknown to many he is an award winning songwriter, recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist.

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