Dawit Tensae


Real Estate Broker
2700 Richards Road | Bellevue, WA 98005

Dawit was born February 18, 1980. Previous to becoming a real estate broker, he has worked in the aerospace industry and manufacturing industry. Along the way, he picked up many lessons and wisdom in effective communication.

Dawit’s core fundamentals were ingrained in him as a wildland firefighter in a hotshot crew. As a firefighter, he was fortunate enough to be part of a team that strongly valued integrity, trust, and comradery. He used the above values as building blocks to construct a highly effective team and a communication system. This system allowed the team to give service to many towns and communities around the United States during times of great need. In addition to that, these values have been pillars in his personal and vocational journey since then.

Dawit was heavily involved in facilitating the sale of his parent’s first house and buying their second home which was the ignition that led him to become a real estate broker. This personal experience allowed Dawit to see what it means to have the license to represent individuals and families. It is an honor to have a license and to be allowed to educate and represent individuals and families to attain the #1 American dream.

Dawit’s hobbies are reading a variety of books, listening to audiobooks, working out, watching sports, learning new languages, and consistently looking for new ways to better benefit the people he is representing. Dawit is fluent in English, Amharic, and Tigrinia and currently learning Spanish.

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