Mocanu, Sergiu

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Sergiu grew up in the Seattle – Tacoma area. He has been exposed to the real estate Industry most of his life. His skills go beyond as a Real Estate Broker, he is also an expert in digital marketing, a handyman, a person with connections to all sides of the Real Estate industry, great communicator, and a musician. He loves to learn new arts and crafts, skills, and exercise in his time of leisure. He is also Tri-Lingual; fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. But above else, he loves to help people and be of value to them.

Sergiu loves helping people finding/selling the homes they need, may it be a Dream house or an investment house, he is the go to person. His knowledge and expertise in today’s market will make sure you get Top Dollar when listing with him, and his negotiation skills will make sure you get your Bang for the Buck when buying a home with him. Contact him Today with any questions you might have.


Montgomery, Gus

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Gus Montgomery’s previous teaching experience and background has given him the skill set to work with clients of diverse backgrounds in real estate. He prides himself in maintaining strong and positive relationships with buyers and sellers that last beyond the transaction. Gus is very flexible to meet the needs of each client. Gus is a constant learner in the profession who always seeks opportunities to become a better realtor for his clients, each and every day. He is very thankful to help high character individuals like yourself.

Contact Gus for any questions about the local market and to set up a coffee appointment to begin that next step.


(206) 631-9640
(425) 453-6227

Nguyen, Rich

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Born and raised right here in the Pacific Northwest, Rich Nguyen has lived in many parts of the world, but admits the Northwest is best. He received his graduate degree from Seattle University and knows the ins and outs of the Puget Sound region.

His professional style and outgoing nature makes him easy to work with, yet his experience shows he is a strong advocate for his clients’ interests. 

In his free time, Rich enjoys outdoor activities, watching the Mariners, and chasing after his two wonderful children.

Buying or selling a home is complex. Make sure you get it done right. Contact Rich to make the most of your time and money.



Pronina, Julie

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Julie Loves spending time with her family and working with people makes her life a better place.
Julie and her husband recently purchased their first home and after realizing what a huge task it was to purchase a home, she quickly realized she wanted to help others in the process of buying or selling their homes.

Julie has lived in many different states and traveled to different countries, but Washington is the place she chooses to be home for one simple reason: Washington is the best! Julie loves the Seahawks and her coffee very much. Go Hawks!
Julie is here to help you with your real estate needs, give her a call today!


Pham, MyLien

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

MyLien loves to takes care people and make sure the people under her care feels important and loved. She has many passions and specialties. Her three major specialties are in health, beauty, and homes. MyLien started her career in helping people by becoming a dental hygienist. She have been a dental hygienist for 8+ years serving and educating people about preventing gum disease and decay to decrease the rate of health and heart problems.

Besides helping people become healthy she loves beautifying her clients. MyLien have been a makeup artist and a hairstylist for about 3+ years for special events, fashion shows, pageants, weddings, photo shoots, etc. Her motto is when you look good you feel good. The best feeling is seeing her clients leave happy and confident. Through her love of serving, educating, beautifying it led her to her passion of design and homes. MyLien grew up in a family who design and develops landscape and homes. The admiration for buying and selling a home for each client excites her each and every time. Seeing the potential and creating value is built into her DNA.

Believe her; she will get you your home. Trust her; she will sell your home. Her hard work, dedication, and sincerity are unforgettable so give yourself the opportunity to work with MyLien and you will receive a first class experience.


Pynda, Irina

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Irina Pilipchuk spent the majority of her life in the Northwest and very proud to call the Evergreen state
her home. Irina has 17 years of learning and working experience in working with variety of
individuals and families. During the last 13 years Irina’s daily work experience consists of
demanding negotiations, individual and family advocacy, ongoing communications flow, and
most importantly, protection of each client’s interests. Her commitment, ability to navigate
connections and resources, and focus on new and improved strategies has helped to ensure her
clients’ success.
Irina became a real estate agent with the main goal of helping individuals and families finding
their “dream home”. In every real estate transaction, Irina’s determination is to translate her
skills and work ethic into finding that deal of a “life time”.
During Irina’s leisure time, she enjoys working out, biking, taking pictures, and spending time with her family.
Irina is tri-lingual speaking Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Give Irina a call today she is waiting to help you with any of your real estate needs!



Quach, Jennie

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Jennie has built a reputation and has established a network of professionals based on work ethics; honesty and hard work. She enjoys helping clients and has learned to recognize their needs to eliminate some of the inevitable tension that can often be associated with a purchase or sale.

Below is a letter from former clients who Jennie helped in purchasing their home.

“We bought our house with Jenny’s help six years ago. Because of her extraordinary efforts, we know that no other agent would have ever gotten  us our home. She fought for us every inch of the way and what she had done for us was short of miraculous. Now we’re asking her to sell our parent’s house.”

-Deb and Dennis


Rosato, Steve

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Steve Rosato has a reputation as a top notch negotiator and has established a reliable network of professionals to ensure his clients’ success. He has a tireless work ethic and believes that all transaction have the potential to be “win/win”.

Steve has years of experience in real estate investing and has extensive experience in discovering homes with hidden potential that are undervalued. He is skillful in recognizing his clients’ needs and is able to eliminate most of the tension that can often be associated with the purchase or sale of a home.

Steve’s primary goal is to find his clients the “home of their dreams” while providing a pleasant, stress free experience.

Give Steve a call today!


Quach, Nancie

WP & Associates Real Estate Specialist
845 106th Ave NE #200 | Bellevue, WA 98004

If you are looking for an Experienced & Knowledgable REALTOR® who is honest and ethical in her business practice, who genuinely care about her client’s best interest, great negotiator, who work hard and is passionate about helping people, then I am the perfect fit for you! Whether you are considering buying or selling property or investment property, selecting the right broker to representation makes a huge difference in the outcome. I have lived in Washington for over 30+ years, I have many years of experience helping buyers, sellers and investors with all their real estate needs. I have earned my Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) designation to best help negotiate on your behalf in any situation. I have also earned my MBA from Penn State University. When you hire me to represent you, rest assure you are hiring an experience, knowledgeable, educated, and local broker that will do everything in your best interest.
Whether you are buying a $200,000 or over a million home, I treat everyone the same. I will keep you up-to-date on the process, I will be by your side to guide you through all the complex issues involved with your financial transaction. My goal is to help you reduce the stress and anxiety during the process. I am committed to providing the highest level of service. I want your experience to be the best with me.

We can HELP you with…

• Purchase
• Refinance
• Good credit
• Bad credit
• Home Improvement Loans
• Debt Consolidation Loans
• Stated Income Loans
• No Documentation Loans
• Commercial Loans
• Construction Loans